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"I went to Montreal this past weekend and had the opportunity to see Mistress Fox. When she opened the door I was in awe as she towered over me with her mesmerizing beauty. She is by far the most complete pro-domme out there as she is beautiful, tall, experienced, polite, and can tailor the session to exactly what you want whether that be a light beginner-friendly or a bit more hardcore which is what I requested. Also, her dungeon is 10/10 as it had everything you would expect and more in addition with it being aesthetically visually pleasing. Before the session, she went over my limits and I asked her kindly to push them and she did. The session itself went way and above what I was prepared for in a good way. I won't go into too much detail but the session entailed what her kink tastes are and what I am into: SPH, spitting, slapping, restraints, humiliation, slave training, leash and collar. From start to finish, she is powerful and effortlessly put me in my place. Mistress Fox used me to how she wanted and was psychologically and physically dominant over me to the point where I had a real out of body experience during our session. She told me during the session I would never forget her and she was right after everything she did to me. Again I won't go into too much detail because there were so many things she did to me that I did not expect, but was happy she did in hindsight as I did want my limits pushed and she did exactly that. I am extremely grateful that she gave me the opportunity to serve and submit to her and will definitely be seeing her again next time I am in town. You guys in montreal are very very lucky to have Mistress Fox as she is a true gem!"

"I contacted Mistress Fox with a scenario, during her vacation, and she agreed to inform me upon her return to Montreal. She sent a friendly mail upon her return and the booking of session went very smooth. Mistress Fox is a real beauty, with a playful mind and wide range of BDSM specialities. Just about an hour before our meeting I got a text with the message "I hope you are hungry". I had an absolute awesome session ... worshipping and be dominated by such a beauty. I had requested some of her specialities and agreed to accept bruises from impact play. Mistress Fox fulfilled all my requests with a playful twist :). It took more than two weeks for my bruises to fade away, reminding me on the experience. Highly recommended, a beauty with a friendly attitude outside the session and strict within. Thank you Mistress Fox."

"First time with a professional dominatrix. I was a little shy and nervous at first, but Mistress Fox eased me into the experience with a fair amount of poise. I had a great time and will certainly come back for more."


"Very satisfying session,impressed by her power over me. She is experienced, knows how to explore our fantasies.  She is so beautiful, her black eyes hypnotised me...a pure beauty. She also knows how to use her beautiful curves to make us weak and obey to her desires...very nice experience that I recommend."

"I saw Mistress Fox for 2 hours in Montreal. She took complete control from the moment I arrived to the dungeon.

She's a powerful woman who knows how to put you in your place."

"Dear Mistress Fox, 

I wanted to thank you for the amazing session. You are one of the most attractive women I've ever seen in my life and this session was so much better than my expectations. I hope you enjoyed the session too and I really hope to see you again."

"'L'une de mes meilleurs expériences bdsm, Maîtresse Fox  est d'une grande beauté et d'une grande puissance, elle m'a complètement envoûté.  Je la recommande fortement."

"Toute une Maîtresse! Elle sait comment diriger un soumis et le mettre à sa place. Ses yeux vous envoûteront, vous deviendrez une bonne petite chienne qu’elle mettra à sa main. Deux heures de session intenses où je me suis senti complètement sous son emprise. Je suis maintenant sa petite chienne et heureux de l’être. Merci  Maîtresse Fox"

"A powerful presence and stunning beauty. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Will surely visit again."

"Goddess Fox is a lovely, polite and well-educated woman. I bought my first purchase from her, which is amazing! I am sure that I will buy more from my Goddess in the future."

"I met  Mistress Fox for the first time last weekend, and I'm sure it wont be the last. Mistress Fox is a classy, seductive women who will mesmerize you with her eyes alone... and the rest of her is breathtaking too, so be ready. She is a very nice woman, but as soon as the session began, she took over, she becomes demanding and she totally takes control of you. You wont stand a chance. Thank you for the wonderful session and see you again."

"Ma Déesse Fox a réalisé mon fantasme le plus fou, le  jeu de rôle a été respecté de A à Z, et elle a dépassé toutes mes attentes! Je suis généralement  difficile à satisfaire donc je suis très content d'avoir enfin trouvé la bonne! Merci ma Déesse!"

"I was hesitating a lot before booking a session with Mistress Fox  because I thought she was way too attractive to be real.

I asked her if we could talk over the phone and she accepted. She was very polite, patient and answered all my questions.

Surprisingly, she looks even better in real life! The session went great and I had the chance to chat with her a little bit before leaving. 

In brief: gorgeous, elegant, skilled and clever! It was worth every penny!"

"Maîtresse Fox est splendide et talentueuse. Elle a également l'air de vraiment tripper sur ce qu'elle fait contrairement à beaucoup de dominatrices que j'ai vu dans le passé, ce qui rend la session encore plus agréable."


"Ça fait deux jours que j'admire et que je touche avec affection les marques que vous m'avez laissé. Durant la séance de lundi j'ai atteint un état de vulnérabilité que je n'avais jamais vécu avant et c'était magnifique. Je sais pas comment j'ai fait pour vivre toutes ces années sans bien explorer cet aspect de ma personne. Je crois pas que je vais être capable de m'en passer maintenant! Vous allez me revoir à plusieurs reprises et il y a encore plein de choses que j'aimerais essayer.

Je vais aussi vous servir entre mes visites à votre donjon. Je veux contribuer à votre succès et votre bien-être. "

"Ma première session avec Maîtresse Fox restera inoubliable. Je suis débutant dans le domaine et Maîtresse Fox a été parfaite pour moi. Grande et très puissante, elle vous transporte dans un monde de soumission à couper le souffle. Je la recommande à tous. Vous ne serez pas déçus! Merci Maîtresse Fox. "

"I have to say thank you again for my session with you Mistress, it was a mind blowing experience! And while you look incredibly stunning on your website and social media, you look even better in person.

Your strict tone of voice  and accent made me scared  from the start. 

The ballbusting was excellent.  I was suprised about how much trampling with heels hurt but the view made it worthwhile! 

You were perfect in every way, and I can't think of anything that I'd want to have been different."

"Ma copine et moi avons eu une expérience unique et transcendante avec Mistress Fox. Elle a su nous mettre à l’aise et elle nous a aidé à réaliser nos fantasmes les plus osés. Bref, un moment inoubliable!"


"Apres plusieurs mois  à admirer ses photos et voir son site, je me suis enfin décidé à booker une session avec Maîtresse Fox. à  peine arrivé et juste après un premier regard, je suis deja soumis... Maîtresse Fox est vraiment très très belle, grande surtout avec ses talons, et a un vrai regard envoûtant.. On connait tout de suite sa place...Le donjon où elle reçoit est magnifique et elle se fait un devoir de nous faire tester beaucoup des instruments présents... La séance débute par une petite présentation où les limites et les pratiques préférées sont évoquées. Maîtresse Fox est très à l'écoute et on sent sa volonté de faire plaisir au soumis dans les pratiques tout en respectant les limites. La séance a été pour ma part magnifique avec pas mal de pratiques variées : trampling (mais trop court à mon goût ;) ) gifle, crachat, ashtray, flagellation, corde...Maîtresse Fox est une vrai dominante et on a envie d être à ses pieds... Il me tarde de la revoir et je sens que je vais prendre un abonnement... Merci Maitresse Fox de m avoir accepté comme soumis et impatient de vous resservir."

"I just had a session with Mistress Fox. I really liked that she took the time at the beginning of the session to ask what i was interested in.. and she tailored the session to my interests. She does not disappoint. Very tall, dark sultry looks with hypnotic eyes and legs that go on forever...I will be back to see her for sure."

"Wow, very hard to say and almost impossible to describe the experience of a session with mistress Fox with words, that’s what happen when you live an awesome experience. Simply awesome, first she is a beauty queen; then, on my own experience I have seen around 5 pro dom in my life, some quite good, but Mistress Fox is far over the top. She’s very open minded, ready to incorporate different kinks and fantasy in the session, for my part ABDL to name only this. Even though she says she was more or less familiar with it, it turned out to be impressively good. She is very attuned, adjusting the rythme of the session. She makes you feel ok about what you want to experience in a session. But don’t get me wrong, once the session is on and she got to know your limits, you don’t have a word to say, you just do what you are told to, or else… The experience was great at the first session, but the second was a step beyond, she thought of new thing to incorporate and at the end even suggest other sessions to incorporate even more stuff. Fantasy brought into reality for the moment of a session. This gives only a glimpse of what the experience is all about. I highly recommend a session with Mistress Fox, but be aware, it can be pretty addictive."

"I’ve had the chance to get a few sessions with the gorgeous Mistress  Fox. She’s a very beautiful and professional Mistress, but what makes it very special is that she really enjoys what she does which increases the pleasure to serve her since she’s pleased as much as we are. She made me discover new things that I really enjoyed, always by respecting my limits. I’ve had very good moments under her control, and every time I left after the session, I was already thinking of the next one to come. Thank you."

"Mistress Fox is respectable, detail oriented, and planned our session very well to ensure a rewarding experience. Great communication, and She takes Her work seriously. She is very professional - in all the good ways. Your safety and privacy are assured. If looks are important to you - She is even more attractive in person. She is honest, genuine and authentic. She hosts at a well equipped dungeon, which is centrally located. If I lived in Montreal, I'd request to see Her on an ongoing basis. Strongly recommend to novices as well as experienced players if you live in Montreal, or are visiting the city."

"I messaged Domina Fox on Instagram after admiring her profile and enquired about asking her if she would like to have a feature in our publication. She back to us very quickly and asked a few simple details about the format of our publication and requested information about how her photos and or commentary would be used and we proceeded to give her all the details on how our publication worked. Without hesitation she said yes and stayed with us throughout the entire month helping us with whatever we needed. She even provided us with new photos when they were ready without us even asking. She is professional, polite, attentive, and understanding across the board. Easily one of the best people we have ever worked with and we hope to work with her in the very near future."

" I discovered Domina Fox in February, and I immediately realized I had found someone special. Her beauty is absolutely striking, and everything about her is absolutely poised and professional. Domina Fox KNOWS how to put a weak, willing man like me in my place, she is VERY demanding yet skilled and highly knowledgeable about her craft. To engage her on any level is an absolute privilege. I led off with a gift from her Wish List, and then an introduction, following her simple instructions and answering her questions honestly so that she could identify how I could serve her, and if I was worthy. Although I have just begun my service, and my journey with her I know that Goddess Fox is second to none! Obedience is an absolute must at all times, but the reward of being able to serve such a perfect Domme is an emotional and spiritual experience beyond what I had initially hoped for.

I cannot wait to take further steps on this journey as a slave to the beautiful and creative dominant force that is Domina Fox!"

" En couple depuis une dizaine d'années, nous sommes allés voir Maitresse Fox afin d'ajouter un peu de piquant dans notre vie sexuelle. Notre objectif étant que madame domine monsieur. Domina Fox a été bien à l'écoute de nos demandes, respectueuse de chacune de nos limites, a su nous mettre à l'aise dès le départ et est très professionnelle. Nous intégrerons ses conseils et ses jeux à notre quotidiens et retournerons la voir sans aucun doute pour pousser l'aventure, merci !!!!" 

"Dear Ms Fox,


I was visiting Montreal last April and you were kind enough to see me with short notice. It was my first pro experience and it was very intense and memorable. I had to race straight to the airport and even though my flight was delayed and I had to miss a connecting flight I couldn't believe how relaxed and euphoric I felt for the rest of the day!


I see that your website is down and I hope that you are safe and enjoying your life. If I get back to Montreal I'd love to have another session with you if you're still seeing clients, but I understand that there are lots of reasons dommes feel the need to move on or at least take a break from time to time. You seem very smart and capable and I've no doubt you would be successful in any occupation or endeavour that you chose.


Assuming this email is still valid I hope that you will get this, but I will understand if you don't have time to respond. I just wanted you to know that the 90 minutes that I had with you will remain seared in my mind and give me something to smile about for many years.

We had a nice brief chat afterward and you asked me if it was worth it and I replied yes, but it wasn't until after I left  that I had time to start processing everything and realized how extraordinary the experience was. I was just in awe of how beautiful and in control you were and I was very nervous (in a good way), but also felt safe with you.

It was my first and only pro session and I'm starting to think it's time to visit another pro domme again. If I lived closer to Montreal and you were seeing clients I would book with you again without hesitation!"

“Three months ago, I started my journey with Domina Fox as my Mistress/Lifestyle coach. After doing sessions with her for a few months, I decided to go further into our D/s relationship. Honestly, one of the best decision of my life. I discovered a beautiful woman and a trust worthy leader for my life.

In three months, I lost 20 pounds and found new strength and energy. She is a strict and just disciplinarian and kept me on the right tracks when my will was weak. I’m glad I had the courage to commit to this lifestyle with Domina Fox. Thank you Mistress.”

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