Dominant and alluring, sadistic yet sensual, and sophisticated, Mistress Irena Fox is a 26 year old Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Model based in Montreal, Canada. 


She is a cruel man-eating seductress who finds pleasure in physical and psychological domination.


Always stunning in appearance, with elegant make up, luscious hair, perfectly manicured nails and the perfect outfit to make you fall instantly at her feet.


Slaves and submissive souls will find a home locked in her world of pain and pleasure.



Her divine figure will immediately command your obedience and bring you to your knees. Combined with her elegance and sophistication will have you begging to serve her every whim. 

Mistress Irena Fox brings an old school approach to Femdom; strict and severe, but with a stare and laugh that will make you weak at the knees.



Each session is unique, exhilarating and intense. One session with her will leave an impact, and a lasting impression on you and memories that will never fade.


The standards for Mistress Fox’ slaves are extremely high; she will accept nothing below them.  Her slaves should act accordingly; to be well-mannered, willing to learn and open to exploring all their deepest, darkest desires.


Her domination sessions aren’t about providing “services” to you. What she does provide is an opportunity for you to submit completely, to surrender, and serve her as her slave. A slave serves at the will of his or her Goddess, and Goddess Fox will make you desire nothing else but to fulfill HER wishes.



Watching the men at her feet appreciate her female supremacy is a turn on for Mistress Irena Fox and it adds to her thrill.


She is selective with the sessions she will accept as she only has time to see a few people each week.  



*If Mistress Irena Fox feels as though your desires are not something that excite her or she is not able to provide you with an exceptional session, she is able to direct you to someone more suited to your requirements.

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