-This is my first time contacting a Pro-Domme, what should I know?


Before you contact her:

-Read her website.

-Know what you exactly want.

-Understand that professional Dommes DO NOT offer sex.

 The porn you saw where the Dominatrix is giving her slave a blowjob is hot but that's not real life. Pro-Dommes do not offer sex. The ladies who are willing to have sex for money find escort work way more lucrative. So don't embarrass yourself by asking.

-Do not ask to become her personal slave.

There is nothing more annoying than receiving these requests.  No, she doesn't want you cleaning her apartment or running her errands. 

Here are some alternatives if you do not wish to pay for sessions:

-Contact non-professional dominant women who are actively looking for personal slaves.

​-See if your partner is interested in exploring your fantasies with you. 

-Use a dating website.

-Be respectful.

-Be patient.

-Avoid small talk.

-Understand that a deposit is mandatory.

Deposits are the best way to filter out time wasters and trolls.

-Be on time and take a shower before your session.

-Show your appreciation.

If you had an amazing time, let her know.

-Leave a tip.

Tips are not required but are highly appreciated. Most of professional Dommes spend a lot on Dungeon & transportation fees, makeup and outfits etc. If your session was fun, you should tip.

-Can I pay extra $ for sex/nudity?

No, you can't. Her sessions are strictly BDSM. Asking will get you blacklisted.

-Does she speak French?

Yes, she does speak French fluently.


-I submitted an application to serve Mistress Irena Fox. When can I expect to get a response?


Mistress Irena Fox responds to applications as soon as she can, usually during the same day.

-Why didn't I get an answer?

Here are the reasons why your application has been ignored:

-You were impolite.

-You don't seem to know what you want.

-You asked for sexual services or something that is clearly not offered. 

-You tried to start a small talk with no intention to book a session.

Or you just applied with the wrong email address. 

-Are my desires and fetishes weird/wrong?

Unfortunately, the exploration of your sexual desires is still considered taboo in our society.

Mistress Irena Fox rejects this societal standard, she doesn't judge her subs and she loves exploring new things.

Your fetishes are totally okay as long as you are not hurting anyone and as long as the things you're engaging in are consensual.

Don't let anyone tell you that the things you desire are bad. Be the pervert you've always wanted to be!

-Why would I visit a Professional Dominatrix?

First of all, professionalism: (safety, security and discretion). By going to a Pro-Domme, you know that your information will never be revealed.

-A non judgmental environment.

-A professional skill set.

-An extensive wardrobe of Fetish clothing, footwear and accessories.


-Can I bring my own clothes or toys?


Yes, of course!

-Does she see Newbies?

Yes, as long as you realize that you are coming to serve a Pro-Domme, not an escort or a masseuse. She does not offer massage, "Girlfriend experience"/ full service.


-Does Mistress Irena Fox work in a dungeon or at her personal place? 


She works in a fully equipped and professional dungeon. 

-Where is the dungeon located?

For security reasons, she only discloses her precise location once your application is accepted. 

-Is the location discreet?

Yes. The location is safe and never advertised.

-Can I book a session during the same day?


You should book your session at least 24h in advance.


-Can I talk to Mistress Irena Fox on the phone before a session?


Of course, you can call her once your application is approved. 


-Can I do drugs during the session?


No, this is strictly prohibited. 


-Does Mistress Irena Fox offer outcall sessions?


Occasionally, and only for lighter sessions and with clients who have visited her before, she may be tempted to offer an outcall session as she has a vast array of BDSM equipment and toys that she can bring with her. 


-What is the difference between a Pro-Domme and an escort?


Pro Dommes are primarily into MIND fucking, roleplaying, power exchange, sensory deprivation, pain play, fetishes.  They do NOT engage in any sex during or after the session. 


-Can I film the session or take photos?

No, you can't film/take pictures during the session.

-What's her shoe size?

9 flats. 10 heels

-How tall is she?

5'10 (without heels)

-I'm not submissive but I love feet. Does she has a discounted rate for simple foot fetish sessions?


No, remember that you're paying for her time and not the activities. 

I want to book a session but I can't afford her tribute. Can I have a discount?

No, you can simply book a session with someone you can afford.


I have a specific wardrobe request. Can she accommodate it?


Yes, as long as she has the items you requested. If not, you can buy items for her to wear during your session.

Her wardrobe and dressing style: Latex, leather, corsets, lingerie, leather harnesses, pantyhose, fishnet, thigh high boots, Pleaser platform heels, stiletto heels.​


I'm a photographer and I'd like to shoot with Domina Fox. How do we arrange this?


You can e-mail her your portfolio and she will send you her modeling rates if she ever likes your work.

I want to become a professional Dominatrix . Can she teach me?


She is open to consulting with women who want to become Pro-Dommes. Please send her a message about your experience, skills and interests so that you can set up an in-person meeting.

Please note that she works alone and does not employ anyone, she can only provide advice.

Also make sure you want to do this for the right reasons before contacting her.

Rates for this service can be discussed in private. Serious inquiries only.

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